Tai Chi

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) is a (Chinese) martial art that is practiced for both its combative aspects and health benefits.  It emphasizes awareness of breath, relaxation, posture and balance.  It adheres to the philosophy of yin and yang and the five element theories. Proper Tai Chi Practice will engage the mind, body and internal energy.  Tai Chi is practiced as a means to keep the body healthy and free from disease.

At the Carlisle Hatha yoga Center, we offer Tai Chi classes regularly.  Classes are taught Saturdays at 9am and Tuesday at 6pm.

Please contact Nate Wolfe at the Carlisle Kung Fu Center for more information about the Tai Chi program.

Modern Arnis

Modern Arnis is a Filipino martial art that involves stick and knife self defense.  It is comprised of 3 related methods: sword and dagger (espada y daga), weaving (sinawali), and single stick (solo baston).   Modern Arnis is a modernized form of stick fighting created by the late master Remy Presas.

Modern Arnis is a great way of experiencing some of the practical self-defense aspects of knife and stick self defense.   Modern Arnis classes at the Carlisle Kung Fu Center cover a wide range of techniques ranging from block and counter to disarming techniques.

Our Modern Arnis classes are held on Friday evenings from 6-7pm at the Carlisle Kung Fu Center.  Please contact Liam Cochran at the Carlisle Kung Fu Center to try a class!